Networking Events

  • 9-10 March 2016: Joint Geothermal Project Meeting, at TNO, Utrecht

In Utrecht the coordinators from 8 geothermal projects came together to exchange information and explore synergies.

  • 9 September 2016: Workshop of H2020 GeoThermal Research and Innovation Projects, at INEA, Brussels

In Brussels the coordinators from all H2020 GeoThermal research and innovation projects discussed synergies and identified discussed a strategy for joint disseminiation and communication activities.

  • 16 March 2017: Synergy in dissemination between Cheap-GSHP and the CHPM 2030 Projects, Bucharest

On March 16, 2017, the “Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania” organized a workshop on the occasion of signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Romania for financing projects in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy security. The workshop was supported by EEA Grants, Norway Grants and Innovation Norway, and was hosted by the Hilton Athenee Palace Hotel from Bucharest (Romania). During the workshop, Prof. Robert Gavriliuc (president of the Romanian Geoexchange Society) and Mrs. Diana Persa (researcher at the Geological Institute of Romania) have referred in their presentations to the EU funded projects Cheap-GSHP and CHPM 2030. The presentations were accompanied by posters and leaflets. The participants at the workshop were very interested with the objectives and the development of both projects. The workshop was followed by a technical visit to a deep geothermal application located North from Bucharest.

The aim of this first EuroWorkshop is to provide a glimpse to the future of geothermal energy, facilitating cross-fertilisation between different scientific areas and contributing to bringing society a step closer to reaching the goal of zero CO2 emissions.