Montanuniversität Leoben (Austria)

  • Experience in hosting several young scientists conferences (e.g. Young Vision Awards, International Student Congress of Petroleum Engineering, etc.)
  • Possibility of a tour of the newly commissioned 5 storey DPE Laboratory Complex, which holds all research conducted by all arms of the DPE
  • Visit to the Goss Brewery, which is one of the oldest brewery in the world (founded in 900AD)
  • The Conference can be used as a recruitment tool for attracting the best minds in and out of the University to choose Geothermal Science, as a study option
  • As for knowledge transfer, this will be a perfect place to learn about the other aspects of the geothermal business because we believe in Leoben in multidisciplinary and all-encompassing study
  • Austria is in Central Europe, and easily accessible. Also, there is a multitude of tourist places to visit, in every inch of the country from famous palaces, museums, cathedrals, spas to natural parks too numerous to mention
  • The City is in support of our activities, aside sponsorship, the Mayor had opened our past events
  • This is a chance to make new friends because we boast of students from 72 countries, of which 21 countries are currently studying at the DPE

Pamukkale University (Turkey)

  • Turkey is the 17th largest economy in the world and 6th largest in Europe
  • With geothermal resources of more than 240°C
  • In the last 10 years the geothermal power sector of Turkey has been the fastest growing geothermal market in the world
  • Our Geothermal application and research centre is striving to ensure a sustainable cooperation between university and industry

         Our offers for the EGPD 2020:

  • Conference free of charge
  • Discounted dinner at university refectory
  • Shuttle bus for fieldtrips
  • Facilities for presentations and posters
  • Free coffee, tea and cakes

Questions? Please contact us!