WP5 - Dissemination and Communication


Objectives: In WP5, a wide dissemination and outreach to the geothermal industry will be ensured via a dedicated area for GeConnect on the website geothermalresearch.eu, presentations at conferences and peer-reviewed conference proceedings and/or journal articles and implementing findings into teaching material for European academia and the United Nations University - Geothermal Training Programme (UNU-GTP) in Iceland.

  • Task 5.1 Website (GFZ) Instead of a novel website that needs a significant amount of time to attract visitors, GeConnect will be presented on a dedicated area on geothermalreasearch.eu, an established website listing ongoing geothermal projects.
  • Task 5.2 News (All) The project as well as significant results from individual work-packages will be (annually) presented on thinkgeoenergy.com to ensure the widest possible distribution within the geothermal community and beyond.
  • Task 5.3 Participation in Conferences and Fairs (All) Results from the project will be presented on national and international conferences, e.g. Icelandic Geothermal Congress, European Geothermal Congress, World Geothermal Congress, Geotherm Offenburg


ISOR Iceland GeoSurvey

Gunnar Sk├║lason Kaldal