HS Orka hf. is an energy company which became a liability limited company in 2001, owned by several municipalities on the Reykjanes peninsula in SW-Iceland, and the State of Iceland. In 2007 HS Orka was partly sold on the open market, and is currently owned by two main shareholders: Magma Energy Sweden A.B. and Jarðvarmi slhf (https://www.hsorka.is/en/about-us/share-holders). In the 1970s the municipalities on Reykjanes built a district heating company, commissioned in 1976, to supply both hot and cold water to the communities. Today the combined heat and power (CHP) plants have 190 MWth heating capacity and 175 MWe installed power production. Expansion plans of some 100-200 MW CHP plants are scheduled for the next decade. This would require several tenths of new deep drillholes. One of them, IDDP-2 has recently been drill to explore the superheated/supercritical fluid regime (400-500°C).




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